The Québec City Area not only has more of the province’s classified religious heritage than anywhere else, it harbours the continent’s oldest Catholic pilgrimage site outside of Mexico. Explore the religious sites that bare witness of the Québec City’s heritage.

Holy Door | Credit:  OTQ
Credit: OTQ

The Holy Door reopens

December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2016

Pope Francis’s proclamation of a Holy Year means that the world’s seven Holy Doors will be reopened, including the one at Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral Basilica. Over 300,000 pilgrims entered through the Holy Door during the 350th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Québec. 

Churches and Places of Worship

An incredible wealth of religious diversity can be felt in more than 130 churches, 20 conventual chapels, two cathedrals and two basilicas, all of which bear witness to the many origins that colonized the region: Catholics, Anglicans, and other Protestants.

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Québec City’s religious heritage corporation catalogues the area’s many storied places of worship and provides a variety of tours for visitors.

Visit the side chapel in Notre-Dame de Lorette Church, dedicated to Saint Kateri (Catherine) Tekakwitha, who was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 21, 2012. She is the first North American aboriginal woman to be canonized.

Shrine of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré  | Credit:  OTQ / Guy Lessard
Credit: OTQ / Guy Lessard

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine

This is the most popular religious site in the province. It is home to the annual Sainte Anne Novena. The experience is a deeply moving and spiritual for the thousands of pilgrims who gather here from all over the world in the hopes that their prayers will find a kind ear in the good Sainte Anne.

The Novena begins every year on July 17, and concludes with the Feast Day of Sainte Anne on July 26.

Near the Basilica, visit the Saint Anne Museum and Cyclorama de Jérusalem.

Old Québec steeples  | Credit:  Luc-Antoine Couturier
Credit: Luc-Antoine Couturier

Religious Communities and Sacred Art

Religious communities played a vital role in building Québec society. Among these, Les Ursulines were committed to education, les Augustines to health, and les soeurs du Bon Pasteur were dedicated to various charitable organizations.

Many of the communities that settled here devoted themselves to the arts, having brought from their homelands knowledge and skills.  

Sacred Treasures

For centuries, marvelous treasures were hidden away in shadowy churches or out of sight in the depths of monastic communities. Today, these beautiful objects have been brought back to light. Take part in an extraordinary treasure hunt and discover them for yourself.


The High Feast of Saint Anne, celebrated every July 26 at the Sanctuary of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, is preceded by a nine days of preparation with daily preaching. This period is called a novena.

Getting Married in Québec City | Credit:  OTQ / Guy Lessard
Credit: OTQ / Guy Lessard

A Wedding in Québec City

A magical and romantic backdrop, a host of fine restaurants, world-renowned services—Québec City is the dream setting for a wedding that’s simply divine!

St. Matthew Cemetery

Our Beautiful Cemeteries

Explore these interesting cemeteries, they are whispers of history..

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Québec City’s religious heritage, both material and spiritual, is unimaginably rich. Its places of worship and museum collections tell a fascinating story. Experience “Québec City: Beautiful and Spiritual” and explore a world where artists surpassed themselves in service to their faith.

New Exclusive Tours

3 new top-notch tours to discover Québec City and Area’s best religious heritage sites are now available. Plus, the tours will give you access to places that are usually closed to the public!

Québec's National Shrines

Visit our National Shrines and discover our rich religious heritage!


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