Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. Historical, cultural and outdoor activities, exquisite food as well as international events await. Old Québec and nature splendours, just minutes from town, are sumptuous in every season!

City Districts

Québec City's different districts reflect the lifestyles of their residents. They'll be happy to share some local secrets with you! Here are a few neighborhoods to discover:

Sainte-Anne Street Terrace | Credit:  Jean-François Bergeron
Credit: Jean-François Bergeron


Don’t miss Québec City’s most distinctive features:

Château Living | Credit:  OTQ
Credit: OTQ

The Surrounding Area

The Québec City area boasts a rich historic heritage and beautiful natural surroundings:

Chute Montmorency (falls) | Credit:  OTQ
Credit: OTQ

Monuments and Parks

The area's urban parks are perfect for relaxing while nearly every street corner as a monument that pays tribute to historic personalities:

Joan of Arc Garden | Credit:  Yves Tessier
Credit: Yves Tessier

More information

Québec City has a comprehensive array of world-class hospitality and entertainment infrastructures. It's a great destination for leisure, business, and incentive travel.

For more information about Québec City, its population, infrastructures, culture, history, and geography, click here

Introduction to Québec City Region (PDF)


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