Patricia Cano

Patricia Cano

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January 31, 2019
Thursday •  8 p.m.


Location : Palais Montcalm
995, Place d'Youville
Québec, QC,

Information about the event
Phone: 418-641-6040
Free Phone: 1-877-641-6040

Patricia Cano is a singer and actress born and raised in Sudbury, Ont., but whose family comes from Lima, Peru where she still spends a fair bit of time. With a voice smooth, intense and a little sweet, she is an artist mature beyond her years and incredible to behold. As a Canadian by birth, a Peruvian by origin, and an artist based in Paris, France, she is completely fluent – both as speaker and as singer – in Spanish, French, English, Italian and Cree.

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