Festival international de jazz de Québec

Festival international de jazz de Québec

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October 12 to 22, 2017
Everyday •  all day


Location : Bar L'Emprise de l'Hôtel Clarendon
57, rue Sainte-Anne
Québec , QC


Location : Théâtre du Petit Champlain/Maison de la chanson
68, rue du Petit Champlain
Québec , QC


Location : Le Capitole de Québec
972, rue Saint-Jean
Québec , QC , G1R 1R5   

This event is now considered to be one of the most significant jazz festivals in Eastern Canada. Devoted entirely to jazz music, the 10-day festival features many shows performed in a network of 10 different venues (auditoriums, bars, restaurants, etc.) in downtown Québec City.

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