Thanks to its European touch, Québec City is the perfect destination to experience unforgettable moments with your lover. Here are a few ideas for rekindling the flame...

Christmas Quartier Petit Champlain | Credit:  Francis Gagnon
Credit: Francis Gagnon

Stroll the Old City

Québec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure where the charms of Europe surround you.

Come wander cobblestone streets lined with centuries-old buildings, visit boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops, explore museums and churches from another age, contemplate impressive frescoes, and marvel at the majestic river flowing past below.

From quartier Petit-Champlain to place Royale, follow the enticing aromas wafting from bistros and restaurants. For passion and romance, Old Québec has it all!

Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour | Credit:  OTQ
Credit: OTQ

Take a Carriage Tour

Ever dreamed of exploring the Old City in a horse-drawn carriage? Now's the time to try!

Pass under the city gates and admire the parks, monuments, and buildings that slip by as your driver recounts the stories and events that bring it all to life.

Picture it in winter—the two of you snuggled together under a warm blanket as snowflakes whirl. It's simply magical.

carriage tour in Québec City is a wonderful way to explore the picturesque streets while relaxing with that special someone.

Ice skating at place D'Youville | Credit:  Yves Tessier
Credit: Yves Tessier

Skate in place D'Youville

Skating hand in hand under gently falling snow—it's like a scene out of a romantic movie.

In Québec City, come play the leading roles yourselves in the idyllic surroundings of Place D'Youville, ringed round with the old walls (soundtrack included).

Forget about the excuse of “not having skates”—we rent them right there, starting in late October. And once your scene is done, you won't be able to resist the enticing restaurants right close at hand.

Skating in Place D'Youville is especially delightful during the Holiday Season.

St. Lawrence River | Credit:  Francis Gagnon
Credit: Francis Gagnon

See the Old City from the River

Get away from it all for a while and see Québec City from the river like the early explorers did.

Board the ferry and observe the play of the current (and chunks of ice crashing against each other in winter) while you enjoy the fresh breeze. Admire the magnificent landscapes, including Cap Diamant and Montmorency Falls—beautifully lit up at night—as well as the steep cliffs of Lévis on the far shore.

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