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    Old Québec

    Visitors to Old Québec soon see why UNESCO designated it a world heritage treasure! You'll love Château Frontenac (the world's most photographed hotel), the centuries-old architecture, and the historic sites.

    The friendly atmosphere and affable locals add to the European charm. You'll find horse-drawn carriages, street entertainers, singers, and artists, particularly at Old Québec's own open-air art gallery, Rue du Trésor. High atop Cape Diamond, stroll along the Dufferin Terrace overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding area. Or come watch the ice making its way down the river in winter.

    Old Québec  | Credit:  Olivier Lavigne-Ortiz
    Credit: Olivier Lavigne-Ortiz
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    Fortifications of Québec

    Why go to China when you can walk a great wall right here! Québec is the only fortified city in North America north of Mexico, with close to 4.6 km of walls and imposing gates to explore.

    Discover beautiful cityscapes and see how Québec's defences developed under the French and English regimes.

    Cannons, loopholes, a star-shaped Citadel and its changing of the guard, Artillery Park, and fortresses are all part of this outstanding tour!

    Saint-Jean Gate | Credit:  Jeff Frenette Photography
    Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography
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    Quartier Petit Champlain & Place Royale

    How about a trip back in time at Place Royale, where Samuel de Champlain founded his first “abitation” in 1608? And why not do some window shopping in the nearby Quartier Petit Champlain while you're at it!

    As you wander past period buildings along cobblestone streets, enjoy the area's boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. There's magic in the air, particularly over the Christmas holiday season.

    The oldest neighbourhood in North America is also home to Musée de la civilisation, a bridge between the past and future with its modern design and fascinating exhibitions.

    Place Royale | Credit:  Audet Photo
    Credit: Audet Photo
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    St. Lawrence River & Vieux-Port de Québec

    The St. Lawrence Rivera massive presence cutting clean across the Québec area—cannot be overlooked. Gateway to America, it has been a part of the city’s economic landscape for over 400 years. Harbour and trade activities and the ever-growing number of cruise ships docking in the Vieux-Port de Québec testify to its importance. A public market, park, bike path and shows also bring the Vieux Port to life and help make this river-washed place truly idyllic.

    Near the bridges that span the River, the Aquarium du Québec not only provides an outstanding view of the majestic waterway, but also presents the marine mammals and species that inhabit it.

    Close by, the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain is also worth a gander: the River flowing at your feet is simply spectacular!

    Bassin Louise (marina) | Credit:  Yves Tessier
    Credit: Yves Tessier
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    Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine

    For many, the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine has been a “place of miracles” for the past 350 years. It's well worth a visit, whatever your beliefs.

    The shrine, North America's oldest pilgrimage site, attracts some one million visitors a year. Marvel at the fabulous neo-Roman style basilica with its golden statue of Saint Anne. Admire the hundreds of stained glass windows, the nave, and the valuable works of art. Come recharge your batteries at this beautiful place of worship in the splendid countryside of the Côte-de-Beaupré region.

    Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine | Credit:  Jeff Frenette Photography
    Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography
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    Montmorency Falls Park

    This natural phenomenon is definitely not to be missed! At 83 m high (30 m higher than Niagara Falls) Montmorency Falls can be seen from all the way across the St. Lawrence River in Lévis! But the best views are from Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, where you can feel the full force—and spray—of the falls for yourself.

    Take a gondola ride, hike one of the three Via ferrata circuits or cross the cove of the falls on the double zip line. In winter the spray freezes at the foot of the falls to form a huge “sugar loaf,” another intriguing Québec City attraction.

    Montmorency Waterfalls Park | Credit:  Jeff Frenette Photography
    Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography
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    Plains of Abraham

    The scene of the 1759 battle between generals Wolfe and Montcalm, the Plains of Abraham are the heart and lungs of Québec City. Discover one of the world's largest and finest urban parks.

    The Plains are perfect for all kinds of activities (walking, cycling, picnicking, cross-country skiing, and more) or simply meeting up with friends. It was here that hundreds of thousands of fans rocked to Paul McCartney and Céline Dion as part of Québec City's 400th anniversary celebrations, and it is here that Québec's national holiday is celebrated every June 24. 

    Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec—renowned for its exhibits and collection of Québec art—is only a short walk away.

    Plains of Abraham  | Credit:  Luc-Antoine Couturier
    Credit: Luc-Antoine Couturier
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    Enter the fascinating world of the Huron-Wendat First Nation and embark on a history tour that will take you back to the 17th century. The ancestral site of Wendake is a window onto aboriginal culture! Dance shows and myths and legends will whisk you deep into this people's imagination, while Musée huron-wendat and various craft stores invite you to learn more about the nation's culture and traditional know-how.

    A short walk through scenic natural surroundings leads visitors to Kabir Kouba Falls by Rivière Saint-Charles, and sampling the game featured in the cuisine of the region's most refined northern is the perfect way to round out your voyage of discovery.

    Pow Wow de Wendake  | Credit:  Jean Louis Regis
    Credit: Jean Louis Regis
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    Parliament Hill

    The province's Parliament Hill has never been so popular! Québec's National Assembly convenes here in the Parliament Building, a marvellous architectural treasure!

    The gorgeous Fontaine de Tourny was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1855. Today, it stands as a legacy of Québec City's 400th anniversary celebrations, turning heads with its 43 jets, water-themed sculptures, and beautiful nighttime lighting.

    Nearby Observatoire de la Capitale also turns visitors giddy with excitement with its tremendous views of Québec City and area from a height of 221 m!

    hôtel du Parlement (Parliament Building) | Credit:  OTQ / Guy Lessard
    Credit: OTQ / Guy Lessard
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    Île d'Orléans

    Imagine how beautiful Québec's countryside must have been in the 19th century. In fact, it looked very much like irresistible Île d'Orléans with its historic farms, churches, and heritage homes.

    Visiting the many artisans and farm stalls lining the route is half the fun as you make your way from one quaint village to the next.

    In season, enjoy the island's famous strawberries and apples, as well as freshly baked bread, wines, ice ciders, blackcurrant liqueurs, and other local delicacies.

    Île d'Orléans | Credit:  OTQ
    Credit: OTQ
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    Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

    The spectacular Rivière Jacques-Cartier flows through a deep valley surrounded by steep wall soaring up to 550 m in heightParc national de la Jacques-Cartier is protected by Sépaq (Québec's largest parks and outdoor recreation network) so that you can enjoy all your favorite outdoor pursuits.

    With hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and camping all available in breathtaking surroundings, it's no wonder that the Jacques-Cartier region is known locally as Québec City's “green crescent.”

    And the pace doesn't slow in winter, so strap on your snowshoes, skies, or winter boots and get ready to explore trail after trail of winter fun!

    Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier | Credit:  Luc Rousseau
    Credit: Luc Rousseau
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    Chemin du Roy

    Chemin du RoyCanada's oldest highway—has linked Québec City and Montréal since 1737. This scenic route traverses beautiful pastoral landscapes as it winds its way along the St. Lawrence River.

    Visitors heading toward Portneuf from Québec's City Hall pass through some of the province's prettiest villages, featuring manors, mills, museums, heritage homes, and other priceless heritage treasures.

    Nearly all of the road is part of Québec's “Route verte” bike path network, enabling cyclists to safely enjoy the scenery from the comfort of their saddle.

    Chemin du Roy | Credit:  Yves Tessier
    Credit: Yves Tessier
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    Le Massif de Charlevoix

    With its spectacular mountain views overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Le Massif de Charlevoix will dazzle you! Near Québec City, it is easily accessible by car or train. 

    In winter, the main attraction is definitely skiing! Racing down the slopes of this renowned mountain with a vertical drop of 770 meters and an impressive natural snowfall, it feels unreal to ski facing the river! 

    Le Massif de Charlevoix | Credit:  Le Massif de Charlevoix
    Credit: Le Massif de Charlevoix
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    Here, winter always dazzles. If you haven't been to Québec City in winter, then you're missing out on much of a culture forged by centuries of snow.

    Generous helpings of snow attract skiers and outdoor buffs from all around the world to enjoy the area's skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and dogsledding trails—and stroll through the city's snowcovered historic boroughs.

    Plus, you won't want to miss North America's one and only Ice Hotelthe world's biggest winter celebration—the Québec Winter Carnival, and the largest winter playground in AmericaVillage Vacances Valcartier!

    Québec City's magical winter wonderland simply has to be seen to be believed!

    Ice Hotel | Credit:  Luc Rousseau
    Credit: Luc Rousseau

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