A trendy downtown neighbourhood bustling with IT workers, merchants, students, residents, artists, and artisans, Saint-Roch was recently given a major facelift. Old factories, plants, and buildings have been refurbished to restore the district to its vibrant best.

Saint-Roch Garden  | Credit:  Yves Tessier
Credit: Yves Tessier

The redevelopment of the Saint-Roch Church square and rue Saint-Joseph, now renowned for its fashionable restaurantsbarsand boutiques have given the area a new lease on life.

A magical toystore and a whole host of stores selling chic clothing and furs, kitchenware, and luxury and everyday products vie for the attention of shoppers.

The former working class neighbourhood is now home to a superb garden that regularly hosts events. Further east, you will discover huge murals on the pillars beneath the Dufferin-Montmorency expressway.

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