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790, Nérée-Tremblay
Québec, QC
G1V 4K2

English-language college with tourism programs offered in English or in French and English. Québec City tour guide training.


General Features

Available Not Available
Establishment equipped for groups
Establishment offering individual activities for youth, Individual clients
Establishment offering group activities for youth


Free outdoor bike parking on site, Pay outdoor car parking on site

Payment Methods Accepted
  • Direct payment
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • American Express
We Speak

English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish

Schedule and Details

Schedule and rates are subject to change frequently and without notice. You should always visit their website or contact them before going.

Open year-round.

Close to
  • 10,5 km from airport
  • 7,2 km from Gare du Palais (bus and train station, Québec city center)
  • 5,3 km from Sainte-Foy train station
  • 3,3 km from Sainte-Foy bus terminal
  • 6,4 km from Convention Center
  • 7,9 km from ExpoCité (trade show center)

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