For a Québec City conference or event that participants will long remember, a theme evening in a novel location is a great addition to the mix. Opt for an activity or meal in a majestic former chapel, a vaulted cellar, a sumptuous theatre or residence, a historic courtyard, or a fortified tower—there's nothing like it!

In the Québec City Area, the past is lovingly preserved. But we like our history lively, with historic sites featuring activities that will add “wow” to your event!

Theme Evenings


The Québec City region is world renowned for its diverse array of first-class restaurants. Split up your group and send them out for a tour and taste of outstanding local eateries with our fun-filled dine-a-round activity.

New France Festival | Credit:  Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France
Credit: Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France

Go Back in Time to New France

Peasant, bourgeois, rich 18th century merchant or courtesan in the French king's court? You decide! Dress up for a trip back in time. You'll enjoy the royal treatment and a musical show that tops off your evening with a blast from the past!

Theme Evenings

Ports & Co.

Get ready for an evening sure to please even the most discerning gourmet. Savor fresh figs, dates, caramel custard, tarte tatin, Stilton cheese, aged cheddar, and praline chocolate, each served with a specially selected Port wine to enhance the flavor.

Theme Evenings

Magic and Illusion

Add a touch of magic and fun to your evenings with illusionists, magicians and conjurers who stroll from table to table. A fun way to liven up your cocktail party or dinner.

Ballroom Extravaganza

Don your fancy duds or ballroom gown and cut loose to the sounds of jazz, swing, Duke Ellington and classics from the 30s, 40s and 50s, performed by a big band. Dance the night away!

Ice-Braker Evening

Here's a novel idea for your business meeting participants. Organize an ice sculpture contest and add to the challenge by choosing a theme. After their efforts, your novice sculptors will be more than happy to sit down to a nice meal, topped off with an assortment of… ice creams and sorbets.

Theme Evenings

Murder Mystery Evening

The members of your group don't know each other very well? Tell them that there is a criminal among them! As they join forces to unmask the murderer, they'll share hunches, information, evidence, and deductions, working together—and melding—as a team. Will they find the proof they need to expose the guilty party?

Sugar shack | Credit:  Constance Lamoureux
Credit: Constance Lamoureux

Sugar Shack

It's party time! Enjoy a lively Québécois evening complete with square dancing (quadrille canadien) to the sounds of wooden spoons and fiddles after a typical sugar shack meal: baked beans, ham, pancakes, plus maple sugar, taffy and syrup!

Theme Evenings

Life is a Circus!

Break with routine and transform a ballroom into a circus arena! Enjoy a delicious meal as stilt walkers and clowns on unicycles roam among the tables and tightrope walkers and trapezists perform above.

Theme Evenings

First Nations Experience

Native dancers in traditional costume greet you in a traditional village setting as you settle in to sample typical dishes prepared with bison, venison, caribou and trout cooked in clay vessels. Through Huron legends and songs, discover the soul of this aboriginal nation and share in its rich cultural tradition.