The good news is that Québec City and its surrounding area abound with classic and trendy spots. From the Hôtel de Glace to chic urban resto bars along Grande Allée, from a flower-filled terrace to the presidential suite, museum exhibit halls to the inside of a former church, the sitting room of a historical home to a lounge featuring the latest technology, from the top of a mountain to an underground vault… Québec City has all you need to surprise and delight guests regardless of the nature or purpose of your get-together.

Cosmic Happy Hour

For over 15 years, the name Cosmos has been synonymous with happy hour in the heart of Québec City. This cosmic fever has spread to other neighbourhoods like Sainte-Foy, where you’ll find a Cosmos at Hôtel Classique. Colourful furniture, a crystal chandelier, a circular bar, and a central fireplace combine to make this one of the area’s hottest places to make a big impression on guests during your next happy hour.

Le Bonne Entente

Happy Hour at the MC Lounge

With its blend of New York and California-inspired styles, Le Bonne Entente’s MC Lounge guarantees an informal urban setting perfect for group or one-on-one get-togethers. Wood furnishings, white booths with plump cushions, beige stone walls… This refined contemporary space can accommodate up to 90 people, with 20 seated at the bar.

Reception | Credit:  Décorum Décors d'événements
Credit: Décorum Décors d'événements

Happy Hour, Décorum-Style

Imagine hosting a cocktail reception in a chapel, a warehouse, a wine cellar, or an old prison! While the location may be unusual, Décorum Décor d’événements has mastered the art of morphing a setting to give clients exactly the experience they are looking for. Specializing in creating original décor concepts, Décorum adds a touch of magic to your event. They think of everything, from walls to ceilings, lighting, tables, chairs, centerpieces, and accessories at the entrance! This outstanding service is sure to impress your guests.

Happy Hour in Red and Blue

A pub, grill, lounge and sushi bar all rolled into one, Hôtel Plaza Québec’s Ginger provides many reasons and opportunities to visit. Drop in morning, noon and especially at day’s end. Its strikingly trendy décor is perfect for both small business gatherings and informal drinks among conference-goers.