Québec City Tourism makes a variety of useful documents and materials, many of them customizable.

Our promotional Tools

Designed to convince your clients to come over Québec City.

Documentation and Materials

1 - Photo Bank

Select your favourite shots from high resolution photographs we have on file. You can also consult and order them online.

Documentation and Materials

2 - Personalized City Map

Personalized city map of the Québec City region showing the hotels and sites selected for your event.

Documentation and Materials

3 - Promotional DVD

Québec City and Area multilingual videos (French, English, Spanish). Also available, Business videos (French or English) presenting the Québec City Area as an outstanding business destination. Available in NTSC or PAL, long or short version.

Documentation and Materials

4 - Promotional Brochures

To introduce the Québec City Area to your clients. Available in English and in French (summer or winter version) or in Spanish (four-season version). Designed for mass mailings, they fit easily into a letter-size envelope.

Documentation and Materials

5 - Leaflet Blanks

Electronic files of leaflets with colour pictures of the Québec City region (summer or winter) and blank spaces to print information such as programs.

Documentation and Materials

6 - Info Sheet Blanks

Electronic files of 8 ½" x 11" sheets with colour images of the Québec City region (summer or winter) to print programs easily from a regular office printer.

Documentation and Materials

7 - PDF Text Describing the Québec City Area

This short text describes the Québec City Area and its attractions, with Internet links. Available in English, in French, in Spanish and in Chinese.

Tourist Documentation

For distribution on site.

Documentation and Materials

8 - Tourist Guide

Itineraries, comprehensive list of regional tourist attractions and restaurants, and annual event calendar, available in English and in French.

See the virtual version of the tourist guidebook in English and French before ordering documents.

Documentation and Materials

9 - Maps

Bilingual map (French/English), with maps of Québec City and Area, a map of Old Québec and a list of attractions of Old Québec. Also available in Spanish or in German. 

Other Material

Note: Prices mentioned do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.

Documentation and Materials

10 - Posters

Two versions - summer and winter
24” x 36” - 61 cm x 91,4 cm
Cost: $6,30 each plus tax

Documentation and Materials

11 - Folders

Extendable folder with velcro closing to hold your documentation
Cost: $2,53 each plus tax