The Québec City area is at the forefront of health research and contribute to the sustainable well-being of society. Thanks to innovative businesses, Université Laval and research centres. From biopharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals to medical technologies and vaccines, the life sciences industry is booming in Québec City.

“Québec City is focused on health research. Université Laval is one of the top ten research universities in Canada and, along with the burgeoning number of research chairs, partner chairs, research centres and institutes, over $357 million has been awarded in grants and contracts in the past three years alone."

- Carl Viel, President and CEO of Québec International

Key Figures

  • More than 9,000 jobs
  • 121 life sciences companies
  • 85 life sciences research centres, chairs and clusters
  • 600 research professors, many of them world-renowned
  • 10 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies operate in Québec City