Québec City is making it big in innovation, with technologies and approaches that are revolutionizing a number of fields. This prolific sector receives support from renowned research centres, succeeds in a competitive business environment, and is powered by an abundant, highly skilled workforce.

Sector Key Figures


  • 540 companies (optics/photonics, geospatial technology, digital arts, interactive entertainment and video games, software development, electronics)
  • 65 research centres, chairs, groups, and institutes
  • 19,000 jobs, including 2,000 research jobs


  • 52 compagnies
  • 19 research centres, chairs, groups and laboratories
  • 3,125 direct jobs


  • 30 compagnies
  • 10 research groups and chairs
  • 800 jobs, with 130 in research alone
  • 34,900 graduates in geospatial-related fields