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Québec City
So europe. So close.

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Ville de Québec - L'accent d'Amérique

Take a tour in history

An incredible living history lesson, with no homework.

Enjoy a fairytale castle, museums, architecture and fine cuisine, all within easy walking distance. Sounds great, n’est-ce pas? Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Old Québec is the only walled city north of Mexico. Stroll through the historic district and the illuminated streets of the Petit-Champlain and discover charming boutiques and restaurants.

Hellooo romance!

Planning to visit historic Québec City? It takes approximately two seconds to realize it’s the most romantic spot in North America. Start by taking a walk on Dufferin Terrace to soak up the spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River and its shifting icescapes. While you’re there, turn around to admire Château Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world—and a dream setting for any fairytale.

Credit: Vincent Demers
Credit: Emmanuel Coveney Photographe

Cachet at every corner

Rue Saint-Jean is a must on your to-see list. From the superb skating rink in Place d’Youville, the shops, restaurants, concert halls, and historic buildings along the celebrated street offer plenty of opportunities to warm up and take a timeout in charming boutiques and local restaurants.

Credit: Yves Tessier

Let's go outside

Discover our true nature

With an average natural snowfall of over 400 cm each year, our region is the perfect winter wonderland. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding with optimal snow conditions. Oh, and have we mentioned the sliding, skating, ice canoeing, ice climbing and snowshoe activities? You can do it all, less than 20 minutes from Québec City.

Sporty & Pretty

The Québec City region has over 2,000 kilometers of cross-country ski trails. And there's plenty for snowshoeing fans to enjoy, too. Skaters will also love the Plains of Abraham ice rink, set amidst the magical surroundings of this remarkable historic site. Place D’Youville’s rink is also known for its romantic Old Québec atmosphere. A must!

Credit: Pierre Laurin

Wild things

Recharge your batteries at Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Québec. It’s the perfect place for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking.
At Montmorency Falls, you will be amazed by the natural ice walls and the cloud of freezing mist. Or try ice canoeing across the frozen St. Lawrence River—a unique made-in-Québec experience!

Scroll through special events

What’s up winter?

With so many events in Québec City, you will have some tough choices to make. Between the Québec Winter Carnival, New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Village Nordik Snowboard Jamboree, Pentathlon des neiges and hockey games, you just can’t get bored.

So this is Christmas

With its pocket village of wooden booths and scintillating lights, the German Christmas market is a delight for the senses. On the menu: decorations, German treats, local products, Christmas gifts, choral singing, and much more, including activities for kids. Immerse yourself in the magic that only European Christmas markets can offer!

Credit: Andre Lyra

Competition? Bring it on!

The Jamboree festival is a major snowboarding competition right in the middle of Québec City. Catch a piece of the action at the Big Air World Cup, featuring the best riders on the planet in a breathtaking urban setting, including a 40m high structure. Want to see something else that’s impressive? Check out the Grand Défi Chez Victor Ice Canoe Race: Wow!

Credit: F. Gagnon

Happy, groovy New Year!

Starting December 27, don’t miss the New Year’s festivities in the heart of Québec City on Grande Allée. On the program: rigodons, reels, call-and-response songs, techno music, sound and light shows and fireworks, heated terraces, outdoor bars and much more. Come celebrate with us!

See what's trendy

French, foodie, trendy.

North America's most European city, historic Québec brims with unique attractions. Soak up the city's spirit and let your senses guide you as you explore our parks, public markets, the impressive new addition to Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, exclusive events, first-class restaurants, incredible nightlife and spas. Ooh la la!

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Positively Yummy

One of the best reasons to visit the city is to EAT. Incredible restaurants are literally everywhere, boasting some of the country's top chefs. Taste fine French cuisine in 18th century surroundings at our sidewalk cafés and European-style bistros, and have a beer at one of our microbreweries.

Credit: Gilles Baribeau Photo

You’ll love our ups and downs

Valcartier Vacation Village is North America's largest winter playground, featuring more than 35 slides for the whole family. Scream with excitement on the Himalaya, Everest or in the Avalanche sector. Want to stay the night? This December, Valcartier Vacation Village is opening a major new recreation and tourism complex featuring an indoor waterpark and 4-star hotel with 153 suites. Enjoy activities sure to please everyone. Ready, set, go!

Credit: Renaud Philippe
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