Treat yourself to deep relaxation all year long by alternating between hot and cold treatments at a Québec City area Nordic spa. What could be better than steamy spas, cool pools, relaxation, saunas, steam baths, and thermal waterfalls? Completely rejuvenate your mind and body as you soak up the many physical and psychological benefits of thermotherapy.

  • Le Nordique Spa Mont Ste-Anne

    Le Nordique Spa Mont Ste-Anne

    Geo. Area: Côte-de-Beaupré / Mont Sainte-Anne / Baie-Saint-Paul

    Type: Nordic Spas

    The most assuasive spa in the region is located next to a private lake on beautiful grounds over 27,871 sq. m (300,000 sq. ft.). Finnish sauna,...

  • Le Nordique Spa Stoneham

    Le Nordique Spa Stoneham

    Geo. Area: Jacques-Cartier zone

    Type: Nordic Spas

    Located on the bank of the majestic Jacques-Cartier River, which winds through a gorgeous mountain range, Le Nordique Spa et Détente offers...

  • Sibéria Station Spa Inc.

    Sibéria Station Spa Inc.

    Geo. Area: Borough of Charlesbourg

    Type: Nordic Spas

    Just a few minutes from Québec City, the Sibéria experience is based on a Scandinavian concept for providing deep relaxation by alternating between...



    Geo. Area: Borough of Sainte-Foy - Sillery - Cap-Rouge

    Type: Nordic Spas

    Get a revitalizing energy boost. We bring relaxation to a whole new level in a soothing urban environment. Located on the 17th floor of the Complexe...

  • Spa des neiges

    Spa des neiges

    Geo. Area: Côte-de-Beaupré / Mont Sainte-Anne / Baie-Saint-Paul

    Type: Nordic Spas

    R&R by the St. Lawrence River! Unwind in a soothing setting. Tasteful décor with an original twist. Let all your cares just drift away...