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5 Reasons to Add Skiing Near Québec City to Your Bucket List

Paule B. By: Paule B.

Credit: Le Massif de Charlevoix

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5 Reasons to Add Skiing Near Québec City to Your Bucket List

Let me tell you about 4 ski resorts that will surprise you. They may not be as high or as famous as the Alps or Rockies, but they’re still my favourite peaks. These snowy hills offer breathtaking scenery and a truly unique setting. To prove they’re in a league of their own, here are 5 reasons to coast down these slopes at least once in your life.

1 Ski Hills near the City

Old Québec | Credit:  Claudel Huot
Credit: Claudel Huot

One of my favourite things about my home town is that I can leave the city centre and be at 2 great ski hills—Le Relais and Stoneham—in under 30 minutes. You can make the most of Québec’s cultural attractions, European charm, and amazing food without being confined to a resort. This is perfect if you’re travelling with someone who’s less enthusiastic about skiing.

No car? No problem! There’s a shuttle service from the downtown hotels to 2 of Québec City’s ski hills.

2 Exceptional Night Skiing

Station Touristique Stoneham | Credit:  Station Touristique Stoneham
Credit: Station Touristique Stoneham

When it comes to night skiing, Québec City is hard to beat. This local ritual is part of the Québec City lifestyle. After watching the snow fall through an office window all day, plenty of us race to finish work early and head up the hill for some well-deserved evening runs. The evening rates are pleasantly affordable and the joy of cruising down the slopes under a starry sky on a hill with big lights is well worth the trip.

3 Great Après-Ski

Apres-ski Massif de Charlevoix | Credit:  Massif de Charlevoix
Credit: Massif de Charlevoix

People in Québec just love to have a good time. Which is why the hills always have such a great après-ski vibe. It’s a laid-back party time, perfect for meeting new people and chatting with locals. Each hill has its own style, but it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy them all.


4 Fantastic Snow Conditions

Mont Sainte-Anne | Credit:  Mont-Sainte-Anne
Credit: Mont-Sainte-Anne

While ski resorts in southern Québec have seen diminishing snowfalls these past few years, the Québec City area is still blessed with plenty of the white stuff. Imagine coasting down a hill covered in fresh powder with the majestic St. Lawrence River as your backdrop. At Massif de Charlevoix and Mont-Sainte-Anne you can do just that—and it’s an incredible experience.

5 Unforgettable Family Time

Ice Hotel | Credit:  Luc Rousseau
Credit: Luc Rousseau

With varied elevations and affordable deals at Québec City’s local mountains, you won’t find a better place to try skiing or snowboarding. So why not try it as a family?

If you’d rather take time out from your parental responsibilities, Mont-Sainte-Anne has a daycare for your little ones, starting at 6 months.

Need more cool options for your family time? Apart from ski hills, Québec City has a ton of activities geared towards families, like the Ice Hotel, Valcartier Vacation Village (an outdoor winter playground and indoor waterpark), Méga Parc, Aquarium de Québec, and Village Nordik.

Convinced? See you on the slopes!

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