Show-Z-après-skis: Misteur Valaire

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March 29, 2014
Saturday •  4 p.m.

Admission: Free


Location : Pub du sommet Le Coteilleux
455 Québec 138
Petite-Rivière-Saint-François , QC , G0A 2L0

Information about the event
Free Phone: 1-877-536-2774

Misteur Valaire (MV) is a band with a singluar sound that’s heavily influenced by electro-jazz-hip-hop-rock-and-unusual-soundtracks. The shared journey of its five bandmembers ? all from Sherbrooke (a.k.a. Sherbrooklyn) ? began in a sandbox when they were six, but music from their earlier days has mostly fallen to the wayside. After studies that focused on music, in 2004 they formed what officially became known as Misteur Valaire.

Time and again influenced by electronica, varied musical styles and pop culture, and showing a strange interest in doubtful TV show clips, speeches by long-forgotten politicians and conversations between unknown parties, Misteur Valaire has released three albums: Mr. Brian (2005), Friterday Night (2007) and Golden Bombay (2010). Rigorously trained jazz musicians who studiously deprogrammed themselves by virtue of a funny, eclectic bad-boy edge, today the band distills an original sound that’s complex and tight, accessible and ever so playful.

Over the years, Misteur Valaire’s fan base has steadily grown alongside the band’s popularity in the media and in the industry. At the Montreal Jazz Festival, MV performed a mega show for 100,000 spectators+, played to sold-out crowds on their Golden Bombay tour, created the soundtrack for the documentary Over My Dead Body, earned advertising contracts, a collaboration with Moment Factory on Ode à la vie for la Sagrada familia in Barcelona, released their first live album, won the House Band Award at the Jutras, released their debut album under Qualité Motel – MV bandmembers’ parallel project that’s 100% electronica – conducted European tours crowned in success, enjoyed album sales that made detractors of the pay-what-you-want concept virtually eat their shirt, basked in Juno nominations and awards, Independent Music Awards, and even ADISQ and GAMIQ Awards too.

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During: Massif Open Rossignol
Partner: Le Massif de Charlevoix

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