Patrick Norman

Patrick Norman

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May 14, 2017
Sunday •  8 p.m.


Location : Le Capitole de Québec
972, rue Saint-Jean
Québec , QC , G1R 1R5   

Information about the event
Phone: 418-694-4444
Free Phone: 1-800-261-9903

In the fall of 2014, Patrick Norman began the celebrations of its 45-year career by offering himself a new album called Après la tombée du rideau, which he launched at a special evening in Montreal on October 30, 2014.

And it does not stop there, to celebrate this milestone anniversary, the fun continues now on stage since January 2015 with his new show Après la tombée du rideau! A show that somehow realizes the 45th anniversary celebrations, as the icing on the cake!

What a better way to celebrate that an evening in good company and that, Patrick has understood. Accompanied by his faithful accomplices Jean-Guy Grenier and John McDiarmid, Patrick will make you sing and dance on its long lasting hits as La guitare de Jérémie, J’ai oublié de vivre, Perce les nuages, L’hirondelle but also with its most recent radio successes, as C’était l’été or Quand elle laisse tomber ses cheveux. A new show, for 45 years of passion and emotions.

Partner: Le Capitole

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