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Upcoming events - Grand Théâtre de Québec

  • Plume Latraverse en trio

    Plume Latraverse en trio

    October 23, 2015 • April 1 to 2, 2016

    Type: Music

    Plume Latraverse is a a well-known French-Canadian singer, musician and songwriter....

  • The Nutcracker

    The Nutcracker

    December 3 to 4, 2015 • December 5 to 6, 2015

    Type: Dance

    On Christmas Eve, the entire family gathers to celebrate at the home of little Clara. Her godfather, Dr.Drosselmeyer, gives her a beautiful wooden nutcracker, which her brother Fritz breaks in a fit ...

  • Jacques Michel

    Jacques Michel

    December 4, 2015

    Type: Music

    Jacques Michel is a popular French-Canadian singer, musician and songwriter....

  • Tire le coyote et invités

    Tire le coyote et invités

    December 5, 2015

    Type: Music

    Tire le coyote is the solo project of Benoit Pinette, a folk-rock-country singer, songwriter and musician.

  • PPS Danse

    PPS Danse

    December 8 to 9, 2015

    Type: Theater, Dance

    A landmark dance piece in the history of Quebec choreography, Bagne has touched thousands of spectators on both sides of the Atlantic, and its impressive set design was acclaimed with a prestigious B...

  • Roger Hodgson

    Roger Hodgson

    December 9, 2015

    Type: Music

    Roger Hodgson co-founded Supertramp in 1969 and was with them until his departure in 1983. During the 14 years that he was with the band he wrote, sang, and arranged most of the enduring rock standar...

  • Klô Pelgag

    Klô Pelgag

    December 10, 2015

    Type: Music

    Klô Pelgag is the stage name of Chloé Pelletier-Gagnon, a Canadian singer and songwriter from Quebec....

  • Bïa


    December 11, 2015

    Type: Music

    Bia is a contemporary singer/songwriter who composes and sings in several styles (and languages), Afro-Brazil, bossa nova, chanson, pop, MPB, samba. Originally from Brazil, she now resides in Montrea...

  • Jean Leloup solo

    Jean Leloup solo

    December 11 to 12, 2015

    Type: Music

    Jean Leloup is a popular French-Canadian singer, composer and musician....

  • Hollywood en famille

    Hollywood en famille

    December 17 to 18, 2015

    Type: Family, Music

    Classical music concert who will revisiting the music of many popular movies like Star Wars, The Lion King, Harry Potter, Frozen, Pocahontas and more. Fabien Gabel, conductor....


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