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Upcoming events - Kiosque Edwin-Bélanger

  • Black Divas

    Black Divas

    July 5, 2015

    Type: Music

    Winner of the 2014 Favorite Show, this duo reunites for another breathtaking performance of hits by the greatest black divas from north america and around the world. Aretha Franklin, Tiina Turner, Th...

  • Julie Crochetière

    Julie Crochetière

    July 23, 2015

    Type: Music

    All under the spell of her enchanting voice and heartfelt songs in the language of Shakespeare. relive the bygone era of the 1960s, when ten fingers and a piano was all it took to share a message....

  • Amélie Larocque

    Amélie Larocque

    July 24, 2015

    Type: Music

    You’ll love her charming humour and confidence as she creates her own backing vocals, percussions, and original melodies live onstage, in the style of French singer Camille. Moving, provocative, and ...

  • Wesli


    July 25, 2015

    Type: Music

    The natural-born troubadour is back and better than ever. This time, he’s going acoustic and he’s got a full band. this groove machine is winning over crowds from one ocean to another, fusing reggae,...

  • Jeanick Fournier - Tribute to Céline Dion

    Jeanick Fournier - Tribute to Céline Dion

    July 26, 2015

    Type: Music

    “The other Céline” will dazzle you with her powerful voice and pitch-perfect impersonation of the Quebec diva. her energy and presence on stage is so powerful you’ll think you’re seeing the great cél...

  • Mo Blues

    Mo Blues

    July 30, 2015

    Type: Music

    This blues veteran performs original songs and covers of legendary Chicago Blues classics. accompanied by three talented musicians, singer-guitarist Michel Ouellette invites you into his intense worl...

  • Annie Blanchard

    Annie Blanchard

    July 31, 2015

    Type: Music

    You are invited to a unique artistic evening where interaction, a warm atmosphere, and sociability set the scene. Blanchard’s exhilarating and reassuring voice will transport you to a veritable oasis...

  • Christian Paré World Ensemble

    Christian Paré World Ensemble

    August 1, 2015

    Type: Music

    This creative musical octet takes you on a jazzy voyage around the world with a blend of many cultures. this is stimulating, lyrical music that occasionally borrows from arabic-style instrumentation....

  • Valérie Clio

    Valérie Clio

    August 2, 2015

    Type: Music

    With her rich, sensual voice, this 2013 quarter-finalist for la Voix brings you soul-pop melodies laid over personal lyrics for an exhilarating performance....

  • Les BlueBell Sisters

    Les BlueBell Sisters

    August 6, 2015

    Type: Music

    With their contagious energy and unique voices, these five siblings bring you a retro- hip style for a joyful look back at the 50s and 60s. a brilliant mix of doo-wop, jump blues, and rock and roll....


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