5K Foam Fest

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September 13, 2014
Saturday •  all day

Admission: $59.99


Location : Centre de ski Le Relais
1084, boulevard du Lac
Lac Beauport , QC

Information about the event
Phone: 1-888-817-6784

When was the last time you and your friends all dressed up in crazy fun costumes and got totally muddy? Or how about the last time your boss dressed up like a loofa and did a face plant in foam? If you can’t remember, it’s time to let loose and have fun! With such a foamy “funcore” atmosphere, it’s an absolute party before, after and all through your run! And because of our “funcore, not hardcore” feel, you’ll fit right in with our crowd - no matter your skill level!

The 5k Foam Fest has all the mud pits and trail running obstacles you could ask for - but with a foamy fun twist! So whether you’re an expert mudder or a first time foamster, you’ll LOVE running, jumping, and bouncing your way through our 15+ obstacles filled with mud, fun, and fluffy white foam!

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Partner: Centre de ski Le Relais

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