Even if you're a regular visitor to the area, there are so many attractions and things to do that it's difficult to take them all in. Of course, when you get to know a place, you tend to return to familiar places. But maybe you'd like to step off the beaten path and discover something new?

Here are a few suggestions to break with routine and explore other sides of Québec City:

Guided City Tour with Cicérone | Credit:  Cicérone Tours
Credit: Cicérone Tours

Treat Yourself to a Theme Tour

You've probably walked past Parliament, the fortifications, or magnificent churches many times, but have you gone in? There's no time like the present to satisfy your curiosity.

Or maybe you're drawn to the hidden side of history. Explore city neighbourhoods from a different historical perspective with a theme tour, or take a look at the Old City by lantern-light and hear about its murders and mysteries.

Mural of Quebecers  | Credit:  Yves Tessier
Credit: Yves Tessier

Take the Mural Tour

Ever notice the gigantic murals all over the city? Beautiful and alive with details, each of them tells a story: the founding of Québec City, the growth of the port since the days of New France, 400 hundred years of Québec political life, the traditions of the Wendat First Nation, and much more!

A walk around Parliament Hill and the Old City will uncover many, but you'll find more all over the region. Create your own tour!

Tasting at Cassis Monna & filles | Credit:  Cassis Monna & filles
Credit: Cassis Monna & filles

See, Feel, Taste, and Smell in the City's Economuseums

Like to know how things are made and how they work? Visit some of the local economuseums to see artisans at work and learn more about traditional crafts.

Featured products include, wood sculptureblackcurrant, and food canning. Not only will you pick up new insights, you might find a few gift ideas too!

Musée de la place Royale | Credit:  Musée de la place Royale
Credit: Musée de la place Royale

Meet Champlain at Place Royale

On one side of the square, you probably know Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, built in place Royale over three centuries ago. But did you know you can go back even further in time for an amazing encounter with the explorer Samuel De Champlain?

Through the magic of 3D technology, you'll see him tell of his travels and you'll admire a wonderful model of Québec City in 1635 at Musée de la Place-Royale. It's your turn to discover the “New World.”

Rivière Saint-Charles Linear Park | Credit:  Parc linéaire de la Rivière-Saint-Charles
Credit: Parc linéaire de la Rivière-Saint-Charles

Hear the River's Call—at Parc linéaire de la rivière Saint-Charles

Québec City has a new green space—a linear park along rivière Saint-Charles. Thanks to the restoration of the downtown riverbanks, you can now hop on your bike or stroll the length of this lovely 32 kilometre long walking path.

You'll find a variety of birds and plants as you visit natural and historic sites. Besides cycling, many other activities are possible throughout the year. An oasis!

Place Royale | Credit:  Claudel Huot
Credit: Claudel Huot

Get Inside Historical Houses

Traces of New France are still to be found in the Québec City area, notably in the form of authentic 18th century homes, most of which are classified as historical sites.

Among them are:

- Maison Chevalier in the Old City

Maison Henry-Stuart on Grande Allée

Maison Hamel-Bruneau and Maison des Jésuites in the Sainte-Foy—Sillery—Cap-Rouge district

Maison Ephraïm-Bédard in Trait-Carré

Maison Girardin in Beauport

Maison Drouin on Île d'Orléans.

Come soak up the ambiance of days gone by!

Joan of Arc Garden | Credit:  Yves Tessier
Credit: Yves Tessier

Contemplate Resplendent Gardens

You've undoubtedly set foot in the city's major parks. But did you know that Québec City also boasts numerous elegant gardens, including a botanical garden?

Roger-Van den Hende Gardens on the Université Laval campus welcomes you to a marvellous six hectare site, complete with a water garden, arboretum, pergola, rose garden, and plant collections bursting with colours and scents.

Other gardens are every bit as enticing—some are historical, others have been the centrepiece for urban revitalization initiatives, and some are just plain beautiful!

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