The historic district of Sillery is a residential and business neighborhood by the St. Lawrence River with some 350 buildings and scattered woodland.

Maison des Jésuites de Sillery

Maison des Jésuites de Sillery is a historic house built on the site of the first Jesuit mission. It stands alongside the 19th century workers' homes scattered along chemin du Foulon.

The Saint-Michel church, its presbytery, and a cluster of worker's homes are located in the côte de l'Église sector.

Luxurious villas—a number of which were built for 19th century lumber barons—and buildings dating back to the turn of the 20th century are perched atop the cape between the cliff and chemin Saint-Louis.

And nearby avenue Maguire is a popular hangout for visitors to its restaurants and boutiques.


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