# 37991


395, rang Saint-Joseph
Saint-Basile, QC
G0A 3G0

Catégories (Autres) :

The company offers professional consultation services in local and regional economic development. Development strategy, diagnosis, concertation process, partnership agreement. Project, event and activity coordination and management are also offered to organisms and companies in the municipal, touristic and cultural fields.


General Features

Available Not Available
Establishment equipped for groups
Establishment offering individual activities for youth, Individual clients
Establishment offering group activities for youth

Close to
  • 61,3 km from airport
  • 67,9 km from Gare du Palais (bus and train station, Québec city center)
  • 62 km from Sainte-Foy train station
  • 61,5 km from Sainte-Foy bus terminal
  • 67,9 km from Convention Center
  • 71,2 km from ExpoCité (trade show center)

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