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Phone: 418-688-9330
Fax: 418-688-2046

# 28403


1000, avenue Myrand
Québec, QC
G1V 2W3

Groupe TVA inc., a subsidiary of Quebecor Media inc., is a communication company active in television, publishing and distribution. Groupe TVA inc. creates and broadcasts a number of TV shows in different sectors (entertainment, news, public affairs and home shopping), and is also involved in commercial production. In addition to controlling the largest private French-language television network in North America, Groupe TVA operates seven speciality channels and a general English-language station in Toronto.


General Features

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Establishment equipped for groups
Establishment offering individual activities for youth, Individual clients
Establishment offering group activities for youth

Close to
  • 12,5 km from airport
  • 6,7 km from Gare du Palais (bus and train station, Québec city center)
  • 5,4 km from Sainte-Foy train station
  • 3,6 km from Sainte-Foy bus terminal
  • 5,3 km from Convention Center
  • 7,5 km from ExpoCité (trade show center)

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